Book Challenge by Letter.

Book Challenge by Letter.

I decided to go through all of my books in all format, audible, Kindle, and my bookcases. I wanted to see if I’ve either read or have a book that starts with each letter of the alphabet. This list is based on books I’ve read or books I own, but haven’t yet read. The books asterisks next to the title are books I own, but haven’t yet read.

A – Accused

B – Because She Loves Me

C- Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter**

D – Don’t Try to Find Me

E – Eight Hundred Grapes

F – Fly Away Home

G – Gone Girl

H – Happens Everyday

I – In a Dark, Dark Wood

J – Jenny Pox ***

K – Keep Quiet

L – Look Behind You

M – Me Before You

N – Nineteen Minutes**

O – Outlander

P – Pretty Girls

Q – Quiet

R – Running Like A Girl

S – Second Life

T – The Opposite of Maybe

U – Until the Real Thing Comes Along

V – Veil of Roses

W – Waiting for Spring

X – XVI**

Y – Year of Wonders**

Z – Zeitoun**

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    1. I want to. That is to say, I’m working on it. I have it, and it’s next on my list. There are so many to read!

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