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I frequently read questions regarding curly cuts from people wondering if the cuts are worth it. As a curly girl, I’ve experienced my share or horrible haircuts growing up. One even left me with a mullet right before starting the fifth grade.

These experiences made me dread having my hair done. I get it though. Hairdressers are trained to cut all hair the same way. This doesn’t really make sense, since texture and hair can be drastically different.

Therefore, in my opinion, going to a master stylist that specializes in curly hair is most definitely worth it. Not having to fear dreaded hair cuts also makes me comfortable in experimenting with fun new styles.

I’ve had Deva cuts in the past, but am not fond of their products, so finding a CHA (Curly Hair Artistry)Stylist was important to me. With a CHA Stylist the visit is much more personalized. They don’t use a standard cutting approach, it’s more geared towards what the guest is looking for.

My most recent salon visit was amazing and worth the wait. It was my second visit to see the AMAZING Carleen Sanchez in Reno, NV. The appointment was booked several months in advance, and the location was a three and a half hour drive away.

The service felt specialized to what I was looking for in my cut, as I decided to go for a big chop. It felt good knowing I was in great hands and would leave the salmon with a fantastic cut.

The color, I opted for highlights, turned out great, and I thoroughly enjoyed my arm massage while my hair was being washed and conditioned.

I look forward to many more Curly experiences with Carleen and her staff! I’ve received so many compliments and I am so pleased with my new cut.

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4 thoughts on “Curly Cut

  1. So cute! I have also enjoyed having a stylist that does curly/deva cuts. She has both DevaCurl products and Loma which I see your stylist has Loma also. Their gel smells and holds great. If you haven’t tried their products, you defibutely should.

    1. I have gotten a few deva cuts in the past. I was never happy with any of them. But my stylist has been cutting my hair for years now, and she is just now deva certified, so she already knows my hair and can apply their techniques to MY hair. It’s been working well.

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