About a Curly Girl


My name is Felicia Abernethy-Lloyd.


For many years I wasn’t too thrilled about my naturally curly hair. I brushed it out. I straightened it with a hot iron and chemicals. I cooked it. I spent hours on it.

Until I learned to embrace my natural curls. Now I love them!!

You can too. In this blog I talk about The Curly Girl Method, ways to embrace your natural curls while keeping down frizz and avoiding products that just weigh hair down, but don’t actually nourish your curls. You’re going to learn about which products I have tried that worked wonderfully well, and you’ll learn about products that failed miserably.


I also love to read.

Keep in touch with this blog while I share with you my thoughts on some of the books I find in used book stores, audible books, books I borrowed, and books that I’ve lent out and I never got back.

Finally, check out our collective Facebook group where we are an open forum talking about curly hair.

See you there!